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    This my personal blog focusing on one of my hobbies. Most of my vacations include a historical side trip.
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    This is my blog I maintained while I was in Iraq.
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    This is a baseball blog. Be warned it does belong to a Yankee's fan, but it is an interesting read.
  • Sandbox Chad: Should Have Read the Fine Print
    This is a friend of mine from the same reserve unit. He went through Narmy training but did not have to go to Kuwait for additional training. He will be serving with CENTCOM.
  • Salam Pax: The Baghdad Blogger
    For a view outside the wire in the "red zone", I recommend Salam's blog. He has achieved celebrity status for his blogging...and he demonstrates a great Gen X style sense of humor.
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    This blog is another Navy Reservist IA who is a Public Affairs Officer assigned to Afghanistan.
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March 01, 2010


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just as you were coming home my 29-year-old nephew was leaving for Iraq. He's there now - guarding the Embassy last I heard.


Jen, if your nephew is at the embassy, he is in a good spot. The Marines fall under the Department of State and have a much higher quality of life than the rest of the military. They can drink and have their own comfortable quarters. it should be a great assignment for him.

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